Saffron Tea

saffron tea recipe

A well prepared cup of hot saffron tea is a most liked for welcoming visitors or spending an evening with friends or any other joyful gatherings.

Premium Persian Saffron as provided by Seven Saffron is very well used in most of dishes and drinks in Middle East mostly Iran as the origin of top premium saffron in the world.

As coffee hold so much calories and caffeine people recently tend to use tea rather than coffee as tea has so many benefits for the body along with less calories and caffeine level.

Saffron tea is the most wanted tea among other tastes as saffron add a smooth smell to the tea that makes it heavenly. In order to make Saffron Tea, you’ll need

1-black or green tea (1-2 table spoon) or a teabag

2-a teapot (if you use loose tea)

3-a kettle (if you use loose tea)

4-Saffron Threads/powder

5-a glass cup

For start you need to boil the water in the kettle (if you are using teabags you can use electric kettle to make boiling water and then add the tea and saffron to the hot water and let it stay till you get your desired smell and color then remove the teabag while you can have the saffron threads stay and even drink them with the tea)

Then add 1-2 table spoon loose green/black tea and add saffron threads to the teapot and then add boiling water to it till ½ of the teapot volume get filled.

Put the teapot on top of the kettle containing boiling water and let it stay there for 10-15 minutes.

Grab the teapot and pour as much as you like in the glass cup, recommended fill 1/3 cup (the more you pour the stronger your tea will be)

Add hot water from the kettle to the glass cup till the cup get full and the color is what you desired (you can add more water to make it lighter)

Option: You can include sugar to make it sweet but note that if you’re a serious tea drinker, adding milk or sugar or any other sweets will certainly change the original taste.

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