Saffron Price In The World

saffron price wholesale

Saffron is one of the important agricultural products available in Special places in the world. Generally, the saffron harvest begins in late October. This time varies depending on different locations. Saffron blooming begins in late September and especially in early October.

Saffron flowers generally have a short life span and should be harvested within two or three days after blooming otherwise there is high chance of destruction for the flowers. In addition, being exposed by the sun may also reduce the quality of harvested saffron. For this reason, as the sun rises, Saffron farmers start collecting saffron flowers to prevent the sunlight exposure and also to maintain the quality of saffron. Furthermore the saffron threads should always harvested by hand as fresh saffron is sensitively smooth at the time of harvest.

The weight of saffron depends on many factors. But generally about 1 gram of premium saffron can be obtained from 150 saffron flower. In Wholesale saffron terms and larger scale 1 KG of bulk premium saffron can be obtained from 147000 saffron flowers!

Mentioned points along with the magical benefits of saffron in various industries such as food, medicine, cosmetic and etc. can simply explain the saffron price level all over the world.