How to Use

Saffron is one and only magical spice in the world that has different type of benefits. The reason for the high price of this amazing spice is due to the method of obtaining the threads as it has to be picked by hand from the special flower known as “crocus”. The good point about saffron is that only a little amount of saffron can supply any purposes and you won’t be needing more than a few strands of saffron to make your food or drink delicious

In order to get the best smell, color and flavor out of this unique spice you need to crush the strands and soak them in a tiny amount of water(10-15 drops would be enough). Although the saffron threads are easy to be broken and crushed but its recommended to use grinder or other tools to make it powder. Almost 20 threads of saffron considered as a pinch.

The best recommended method is to soak saffron threads or powder (recommended for food or drinks) in normal temperature water for about 10-20 minutes and then add the mixture of saffron and water to your food or drink.

There is also another method that let you add the pure seven saffron threads to your food or drink directly without any preparation.

In case if you don’t like to have the threads or powder itself in the food but you want to have the smell and benefits of saffron along with the color you can have it stay in a sieve or spice holder and remove it when you get the desired results.

Saffron for Food and drinks:

Saffron can be used in wide range of dishes and drinks. The most routine foods are stews, rice, soups, salad dressings, deserts and etc.

The most common drinks with saffron are all type of tea including black tea, green tea, and etc. and also it is used to make a few cocktails.

Saffron for Facial Masks for Skin Treatment

The base of most of skin treatment masks and formulas are water. So you can easily crush the saffron threads and combine it with your other components of the mask.