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Premium Persian Saffron

Seven Saffron proudly guaranty our grade 1 saffron as premium quality.

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Pure Saffron Threads

Our Saffron Derived from Authentic Saffron Farms where Saffron is not only a spice but a lifestyle.

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Variety of Packages

We do offer variety of options for our valued customers all around the world to choose from.

Wholesale Saffron

When it comes to Wholesale Saffron Seven Saffron team has a well-known reputation all around the world.

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Seven Saffron Mission Overview

Seven Saffron is proudly specialized on Premium Persian saffron in the world. Our perspective is to provide Top Quality Saffron. Our pure Saffron is harvested from Natural Saffron Farms and its 100% Natural red Threads exclude any chemical or preservatives.
Our Persian Saffron includes all vivid red stigmas which have been handily cut from the main thread only to prevent no break or damage on the pure saffron threads. It’s then naturally Rapid-sun-Dried, a method has used and advanced in order to prevent any loss of taste, vitamins, minerals and benefits. You can test the quality of our Top Grade Saffron with just your eyes and nose simultaneously as you opened one of our various package.

More About Our Saffron…
Saffron scientifically known as Crocus Sativus, Saffron Crocus, Safron, Azafran and Zafran and Zafron in different part of the world. It come in different types based on the thread parts such as All Red Saffron or Negin Saffron, Pushal Saffron and Daste Saffron. We are proudly provide only the most premium version called “Super Negin Saffron known as Grade A+ Organic Saffron. We are always dedicated to provide the Highest Quality Saffron as 100% Pure Saffron Spice which has usage in food, Herbal products, Natural and herbal medicine and Beauty products all over the world. Our pure saffron derived from organic certified farms. 

Main Benefits of Saffron
Saffron is known as magical spice with components which helps to improve overal health. Saffron threads has natural ingredients such as Manganese as the main ingredient as well as vitamin C, B, A, potassium, magnesium, iron and group B vitamins. These vitamins and minerals all hands in to cause the magical power of Saffron Threads.Saffron is not only good for health improvements but it is also known as natural herbal medicine and beauty component as well as a great spice for different foods.Saffron plays a significant role in various beauty products such as Saffron Facial Masks, Saffron Moisturizing cream, Saffron Anti wrinkle cream and etc.

Featured Products

Get the best buy for your money by using most popular products among our customers

Featured Products

Get the best buy for your money by using most popular products among our customers

Up to 30% Off

Try Seven Saffron Premium Quality Saffron

Why Persian Negin Saffron Is The Best?

Compare Different Type Of Saffron

Saffron Quality has been evaluated based on various parameters in order to get compared. These parameters are color, taste and aroma used to distinguish the best quality among various saffron types available in the world.
Negin Saffron as the most top part of the saffron thread which offered by Seven Saffron known as the best premium saffron quality and top tier saffron in the world with the highest level of color, aroma and flavor while the size of the threads are the thickest compare to other types.
Sargol Saffron is the most top part of the saffron thread and comes after negin saffron with all red but smaller threads compare to negin. Sargol is as red as negin but with less aroma and flavor level.
Poushal saffron as the third known part of the saffron thread has the least color and flavor and the thread also comes with a bit yellow or orange color as well.

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Saffron Use

Saffron has various methods of consumptions, as in foods, drink and different type of health and beauty products.

Saffron For Food

Saffron threads plays a magnificent role in your plate. The…

Saffron For Health

Saffron is a pure source of variety of antioxidants and…

Saffron For Beverages

Saffron Threads are a perfect choice for any beverage. Amazing…